How to Add Images to PDF Files

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Add images to PDF files with Movavi PDF Editor! This simple PDF-editing tool will help you easily move, resize, crop, and rotate images directly in a PDF document.

By clicking the button, you’re downloading the free version of Movavi PDF Editor.*

How to add an image to a PDF with Movavi PDF Editor

Best Solution for Inserting Images into a PDF

Working with PDF handouts or other materials means you need to incorporate images into a PDF document. It’s also a helpful option if you need to insert a chart into a report, add a floor plan overlay to a project, or just include a photo on your CV. If you are looking for an advanced way to insert and edit images in a PDF document, we highly recommend Movavi PDF Editor.

Movavi PDF Editor is an elegant and efficient tool for working with digital documents that lets you quickly import and place any graphical object in an existing PDF.

How to Add a Picture to a PDF

  • Step 1. Installing Movavi PDF Editor

    Return to the top of the page and click Download. When the download is complete, run the Movavi PDF Editor installer. Proceed through the on-screen instructions.

  • Step 2. Adding Files

    Add the PDF file in which you want to place the image by clicking on the Open File button. You can also drag-and-drop the file into the workspace.

  • Step 3. Inserting the Required Image

    To insert ready-made graphics into a PDF document, go the Edit mode by clicking the appropriate icon on the toolbar. Select the Image option, find the JPG or PNG file that you wish to import, and click Open.

    Drag the edges of the frame to change the image size. Set the image's position in relation to the text by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse until the image is in the desired direction.

  • Step 4. Saving Your Edits

    To save the file under a different filename, open the File menu and select Save As. To save changes to the current file, press Ctrl+S or click the diskette icon on the toolbar.

How to add a picture to a PDF file – try Movavi PDF Editor! This simple and efficient app lets you add images to a PDF page in just two clicks.

Movavi PDF Editor

Everything you need from PDF Software!

  • PDF creation from scratch
  • Different PDF-editing modes (4-in-1 page arrangement,
    text editing, and object editing)
  • Ready-to-use legal form templates
  • Electronic signature solutions
  • One-click file export and print output

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

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* The free version of Movavi PDF Editor has the following restrictions: 7-day trial period, watermark on the output PDF. Learn more