How to convert PDF to PNG

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Sometimes you need to convert PDF to PNG – perhaps to extract a picture, shape or chart from a PDF document, reduce the file size of a PDF, or just change a file’s format for sharing on Facebook or other social media. Movavi PDF Editor lets you transfer PDF content into a wide variety of image formats, including PNG.

How to Save a PDF as a PNG file with Movavi PDF Editor

If you want to turn a one-page PDF into a PNG image, you can do this directly in the Preview panel.

Step 1. Download Movavi PDF Editor

Download the latest version of Movavi PDF Editor from this page. Once downloaded, double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.

Step 2. Import a PDF File

Run the program and click the Open File button to add the file you want to process. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the area indicated.

Step 3. Convert from PDF to PNG

Right-click on the file in the preview panel, click Convert to JPG, PNG, BMP, and in the Save File dialog box choose where you want to save your file and the file name.

How to Convert a PDF File to a Set of PNG Images Using the Manage Pages Mode

For converting multiple PDF pages to PNG, we recommend using the Manage Pages mode.

Step 1. Install and Launch the Software

Download, install, and launch Movavi PDF Editor on your computer.

Step 2. Open the Source File

Click Open File at the top of the program window and specify the PDF file from which you want to extract pages. For easier conversion, proceed to the page management mode by hitting the Manage Pages button.

Step 3. Convert PDF to PNG

If you need to extract a consecutive group of pages, simply hold down the Shift key and click on the first and the last page of the group. If the pages are non-consecutive, highlight them individually using the arrow keys with the Ctrl key (Cmd key for Mac) held down. Once you've selected the pages you want to export, click Convert to JPG, PNG, BMP and set the output format to PNG.

How to Change a PDF to a PNG Using the Movavi PDF Online Tool

For those who are looking for a web-based PDF converter, we suggest Movavi PDF. This online tool also supports a PDF to PNG conversion. However, please note that the size of files you can upload is limited, and you cannot save a PNG with transparency.

Step 1. Open the Website

If you want to convert a PDF file to PNG online, go to the service’s website by following the link below and choose PDF to PNG from the tool panel.

The service's official website

Step 2. Upload Your PDF

To upload a PDF file to the converter, click Upload File at the top of the page. In the Open File dialog box, specify the PDF you want to process.

Step 3. Download the Processed File

On the page that opens, click Download File to download the converted file.

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